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Creating a clean and safe future for the Czech energy sector

We are working to transform the Czech energy sector. Local clean energy sources are an effective tool for solving the energy, climate and social crisis. We are building a self-sufficient future.

What we want to achieve

Our goal is to increase the share of local clean sources in energy production and consumption.

We promote decentralised energy systems

They create hundreds of self-sufficient locations which are interconnected and independent of the centralised energy production and supply system.

We seek to amend laws and subsidies

By changing them, we will kick-start the development of community energy. This will create hundreds of local and clean sources that will make our energy system safe and self-reliant.

We create and expand know-how

How to implement projects ranging from small energy communities to large-scale smart neighbourhoods.

Our partners

Helping us to achieve our goals

We are in this together

"Decentralisation of the energy sector has so many positives: stabilizing the grid, reducing dependence on unstable and security-risk regimes like Russia or Middle Eastern countries, reducing emissions, democratizing production. It is a pity that the Czech state has so far done so little to create favourable conditions for community and decentralised energy to flourish. I believe that together we can help accelerate and intensify the Czech energy transition."

Pavel Franc
– CEO Frank Bold

"The long-term complexity of the energy supply situation and the climate crisis are accelerating the emergence of self-protective communities of municipalities, associations, citizens and companies - energy communities. I am glad that Local action groups are helping in this process."

Jiří F. Krist
– Vice-Chairman of the National Network of Local Action Groups

"I believe that community energy and its benefits will attract not only municipalities and smaller businesses, but also a large number of ordinary households."

Anna Kárníková
– director of Hnutí DUHA - Friends of the Earth of Czech Republic

"As the European federation of citizen energy cooperatives, we acknowledge the importance of having strong national federations or networks of community energy. In this context, UKEN is a lighthouse example in a region where legal frameworks for community energy are absent or unstable."

Dirk Vansintjan
- president - the European federation of citizen energy cooperatives